Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Progeny Of Innocence


Paradox - Progeny Of Innocence (bk2) - BOOK 1 is currently FREE

Book Description:

Long ago, in an almost forgotten realm, a race of fallen angels clash with a ruling house of angels. Their battle changed events in the ancient world and the new world forever.

A realm where a year can last centuries and an ancient, magical people still rule, even the immortals face danger.

Trapped between the old world and the new is Grace, a young girl cursed with horrific visions and memories from a past she does not understand.

Review by Julia Crane – Author
I give this book 5 Stars! Patti Roberts has done it again. Progeny of Innocence sucked me in from the first page and kept me up late into the night to finish.

Patti Roberts

For me, talking to readers who love my stories and characters as much as I do is a dream come true. NOTHING is more exhilarating or inspiring. The author writes, yes, but I honestly believe it is the reader, that breathes life and soul into the characters in a book. Without the reader and their wonderful imaginations, stories and characters are words arranged neatly on a page waiting to be born, waiting to be loved.

To the reader, my characters and I thank you.

Patti Roberts

Paradox - Progeny Of Innocence (bk2) 

is available on Amazon! (Book One is FREE)

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