Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Elf Bully


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(The Elfing Truth about why you do not get what you want for Christmas)

Finally, an original Christmas story! Kids get so tired of hearing the same "Christmas classics" every year. The "Elf Bully" is an ORIGINAL story that encourages youngsters to keep reading so they can keep their Christmas presents from being stolen by the "Elf Bully," a jealous elf! I think it's really important to establish good reading habits early, so stories like this are just perfect.

It's an adorable, family-friendly story with plentiful illustrations and rhymes. I think I found my new go-to story for bedtime! Looking forward to the sequel for next year's Christmas :) ~ Review by Calvin Porter

Book Description:

In this book Santa finally reveals how reading, or the lack of reading, affects the delivery of Christmas presents. A rhyming book in the spirit of "The Night before Christmas".

Excerpt: A forewarning from Father Christmas:

"At the North Pole a crime has been committed. An elf has broken the law. The Elf Bully wants to steal your Christmas Presents. His plan does have one flaw. When the real Santa airdrops a present, a tag and your name is all it needs. The flight to you is fueled by your thoughts and wishes; reading is what gives then speed.

The Elf Bully is lying in wait. Will he get your present? Only you decide its fate.
You need to make your presents fly faster, if its presents you want to receive. Reading will help you get more of your gifts, Just try it and you will believe."

To Parents: This book is an ideal holiday gift for children who are resistant to reading. Reading is such an enriching and essential skill to have for life. This book gives kids a year-round incentive to read.


On Amazon:  UK USA CDN AU

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