Saturday, September 20, 2014

National Dog Week Movement


Dog's Best Friend

"Between the attitude toward the dog of those far past centuries and the attitude of today is a vast journey in the direction of kindness and a heart of sympathy." Will Judy, 1949

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Book Description:

In 1923, William Lewis Judy purchased Dog World magazine for just over $1,000. For the next four decades, his unique, poignant, and witty writing and editing style, combined with his genuine love for dogs, enlightened a growing population of dog owners across the nation.

A prolific dog show judge and breeder and expert on dog law in America, Judy had a vision that dogs would serve humans in ways most had not imagined. He championed their use in military and police work, and in their value as assistance and therapy dogs. In 1928, he launched the National Dog Week Movement, to honor man's best friend in a collective and thoughtful manner.

Today, that movement continues, a testament to the legacy of this inspiring and gifted dog-enthusiast.

"Begin-Kruysman's research and craftsmanship capture Will Judy's perspective that pet owners should show the utmost of concern about the emotional and physical well being of our canine companions." --Patrick Mahaney, veterinarian

Author: Lisa Begin-Kruysman


Lisa Begin-Kruysman is an award-winning author and blogger.  A graduate of the University of Connecticut, she has studied writing with the Institute of Children's Literature, The Society of Children's Writers and Book Illustrators and the Highlights Foundation.

A former Human Resources Associate in the entertainment industry, she currently resides in Ocean County with her husband Rich, and foster-to-forever dog Teddy.

Through her artwork and writing, she aspires to educate and enlighten the world about the unique bond that exists between humans and their dogs and to ultimately improve the welfare of dogs across the nation. Read more…

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