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Diary of a Hoarder’s Daughter


Diary of a Hoarder's Daughter

Riveting! ~ Review by Elizabeth Bahnsen

“Could not put it down. Don't know how she could manage to be so thoughtful to her father, when he obviously was only interested in what benefited him. The author clarified how awful the disease is and the disastrous affect it Jason families.”

Book Description:

Imagine living in a house where you can only walk sideways, where the Christmas lights stay up all year and tins in the kitchen explode with age. Of eight televisions in the lounge, only one works. A new carpet which arrived rolled up ready to be laid was 'temporarily' placed on the stairs in 1974; forty years later it was still there. Why does someone with two feet need 173 shoes? Where were his teeth, his hearing aid and the hoover? Where had the floor gone?

Meet my dad – 82, eccentric, stubborn, knows everything and collects ‘stuff’. His house, his stuff – what’s the problem? For him there wasn’t a problem, until one day following a nasty incident with a large tree he was no longer able to live in the house. It was then down to me, his daughter to make the house safe and to do something with over fifty years of accumulated stuff. I had to sort the whole house knowing he’d flip if I threw anything away.

A true life story where I revisit the house of my childhood and the demons I hoped I’d left behind I discover a lot of stuff I am glad I uncovered and much more I’d prefer to forget.

Excerpt  ~ (Kindle Locations 43-48).

This book is a true account and details my own incredible journey, by the end of it I would have learned so much about not only my father, but about my late mother ~ and also about myself.

According to statistics, there were an estimated six million hoarders in America in 2012, and it is a proportionately similar story in the UK. Apparently five per cent of people in the UK and USA are affected by Hoarding. It’s a  very common issue, and if this book helps even one person climb their own personal mountain, then my efforts will all have been worthwhile.


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