Thursday, May 7, 2015

Winner at 2015 LA Book Festival

Wantin Instagram

Wantin just won at the LA Book Festival in the romance category. To celebrate, the e-book has been reduced to .99 cents. This book is intended for an adult audience.

Truth Devour tells a prolific tale that goes beyond the human craving for sex. You’re taken on an expedition of the great unknown to discover self in more than one way. As a reader, you visualize what Talia sees and experience every penetration. As her heart breaks so does yours, and unknowingly you submit to the reality that you are more like her than you could’ve ever imagined from just looking at the cover and reading the title. ~ Excerpt of review by McWood Publishing LLC

YouTube: Chapter One - “Intensity” (being read by Author) – Note: For an Adult Audience.

Life is about choices and chances. You make a choice and take a chance. It all starts and ends with you. ~ Truth Devour

Wantin is the first book in the adult contemporary romantic trilogy by Truth Devour.


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