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Occultist Extraordinaire



Interview with Marcus Lambert, Author of Ralph Pincus, Occultist Extraordinaire

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Synopsis: Christians, you have a new savior.

Don't worry. This one's Jewish too.

And his name is Ralph Pincus.

Ralph joins forces with an evangelical sorcerer and a vampire in order to save the world. The reluctant trio must learn the truth before time runs out: Why does destiny's invitation sound like the garbled death rattle of a child murderer? What is the secret shame of all good vampires? What is a viable online revenue stream for zombie exploitation? Why are all the sorrows of the world contained in the single tear of a gay unicorn?


With us today is the satirist himself, Marcus Lambert. He’s a hilarious guy with an awesome new book out for anyone who likes to laugh. RALPH PINCUS, OCCULTIST EXTRORDINARE has been described as a “fun adventure about the modern man that doesn’t seem to meet the general standard set by society” and is considered to contain “borderline brilliant, vulgar humor.”

What inspired the character of Ralph Pincus? Do you see any of yourself in Ralph?

My approach to writing characters is to start with an aspect of myself I don’t like and then run with it. I see myself as a combination of both Ralph and Gabe, another character in the book: Ralph the hapless man and Gabe the self-destructive man who is a legend in his own mind.

How do you write effective satire? Do you feel that it’s a gift that you’ve been blessed with? I’m a hypercritical smartass. Anyone I’ve ever been in a relationship with doesn’t consider that particular character trait a blessing, but it does come in handy when writing satire.

What do you hope that readers will take away from RALPH PINCUS, OCCULTIST EXTRORDINARE? I like that each reader takes away something a little different than any other reader of the book. I just hope they don’t think I’m a sex offender.

What are your thoughts on self-publishing with Amazon?

I think the ease and accessibility of self-publishing through Amazon is great. My sensibilities are topping out at niche, so there was never a point in the history of books where I would have stood a chance being published in any traditional way. The downside to all that ease and accessibility means there’s a lot more crap for potential readers to sort through.

Do you believe that serialization is the way to go?

For anyone like me, a self-published author nobody has heard of, serialization probably isn’t the way to go. I planted a nebulous idea in my head which convinced me readers would be more likely to take a chance with a shorter work from an unknown author. I don’t know if it’s a viable option for others. I’m still thoroughly entrenched in my status as an unknown author.

You’re a writer, an excellent, hilarious one. Do you have another job in addition to this one?

My writing is a long way off from paying the bills. I went to a liberal arts college, so I work in construction. Residential remodel.

Marcus LambertAbout the author: Marcus Lambert (1978-TBD) fancies himself to be a writer. Most find it best to humor him.

Even people who like Mr. Lambert wouldn't be opposed to using male anatomy to describe him.

His website is

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