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Tales of a Toothmouse

Tales of a Toothmouse

Everyone knows how important and imperative it is to take care of our teeth. A wonderful way to communicate this to your children is by reading great books. From the description:

Tales of a Toothmouse is a delightful story about Timothy Toothmouse that aims to educate children about teeth and the need for dental hygiene, in a fun and whimsical way.

When I saw the title of this book, I wondered what a  'Toothmouse' was.  Take a look at a segment of the introduction in the picture below.


A few of the Tales are called:
Quest for nice clean teeth
Reward money
Tooth-cleaning time
Fluffy slippers

In the conclusion of this delightful book is a section called "Learning Time". It includes fast facts, questions and answers.

Penny SwiftAbout the Author
Penny Swift is the author of more than 40 non-fiction books and about 10 study guides. The mother of three children, she has also worked for numerous publications, including South Africa’s specialist mother and child magazine, Living and Loving. Born in Cape Town where she now lives, she grew up in Durban and graduated from Natal University with a degree in Social Science that included a major in English. Since then her work life has focused on the written word for the full range of media, including the Internet. Tales of a Toothmouse is her first children’s book.

About the Illustrator Nanuli Burduli is a graduate of the Georgian Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts and has participated in numerous group art exhibitions in Tbilisi, Moscow and Tallinn, and in galleries of modern art in Poland. She has also exhibited her work in Italy and Sweden. Since 1996 Nanuli has lived and worked in Poland where she paints, illustrates and specializes in computer graphics. The mother of a young daughter, she has illustrated dozens of books, contributed to magazines, and created numerous posters. She has worked with the Polish Foundation for Intercultural Education since 2006, and has also taught the craft of weaving tapestries and carpets to students at a Warsaw high school.

Tales of a Toothmouse is available on Amazon - USA & Canada

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