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Prophecy of the Seven Bottles


Prophecy of the Seven Bottles


“What a wonderful story of searching for one's purpose. Magical and compelling…I couldn't put it down.” -Excerpt of review by Diane Franzen

Guest article by: Paul Halston-York

Picture the book that changed your life forever: Now, mentally slide it over and ground yourself, because literary lightening is about to strike your virtual bookshelf--for a second time!

In his debut fiction novel,Prophecy of the Seven Bottles,” Scott Troy Kovarik brings down the thunder like a best-seller by wiring together an electrifying tale of Indiana Jones-like adventure, Verne-esque science fiction, romance, comedy, and apocalyptic New Age thriller. Kovarik generates the real high-voltage through deep mystical teachings interlinked with brilliantly imaginative--if not prophetically decoded--Hopi, Mayan and Biblical prophecy. While relentlessly entertaining, the author expertly illuminates a path to finding one’s true purpose and claiming the vast spiritual power we sense, yet rarely grasp.

The saga begins when computer company intern Avery Cole has a lost time experience on a Seattle highway in 1985 and awakens with a strange device in his hand. When connected to the Internet, he discovers this bizarre hardware contains advanced alien software sent to help humanity endure a cataclysmic planetary transition. Cole returns to a California beach seeking closure and guidance and meets social media ninja Madi Blake. Soon, the two find themselves key players in a wild cosmic agenda for the salvation of humanity and the exposure of a precious secret sought for ages untold.

The author earns karmic points in the keeping-it-real column by disclosing that during the two-year writing process, he practiced a once lost, advanced spiritual science revived and taught by renowned Indian mystic, Paramahansa Yogananda, to which he credits the deep insights and guided tone of the book. “I did not write this book alone,” Kovarik relates. “I was a channel, a happy victim of a spiritual drive by, and I was transformed.”

Scott Troy Kovarik

Kovarik is also an accomplished musician with music on film and television, and a health and wellness consultant to the medical field.

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Prophecy of the Seven Bottles


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