Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dream The Answer Challenge

DTA Challenge 2009

Ta da! This little eBook is now also available on Amazon!

I wrote it. I am the author of this blog you have stumbled upon or have come back to visit again. (Thank you!)

It's an interesting day for me so far. I managed to get this Challenge republished (Amazon & Leefing.com) but I am dragging my feet on publishing my Memoir. Why is that? Well for starters, I may have missed writing about my allergy to the cold. Seeing #Winnipeg as one of the top hashtags on Twitter lately reminded me. Why? Because if you search it, the first postings that come up are about the brutally cold weather. My husband has been lovingly referring to it as the new "Ice Age".

Okay...so back to my allergy to the cold. When I was 15 years old, my immune system was down and I went swimming in a very cold pool. The heater wasn't working that day. Hypothermia set in and I was rushed to the hospital by an Angel who was studying to be a nurse at the time. (Not sure if she wants her name mentioned or not so will refer to her as the Angel that she is)

She told me to stay awake or I wouldn't wake up. That actually kept me awake and she kept shaking me on the short drive to emergency. What happened after my survival was a visit from my distraught parents. As the days went on, if I chewed on ice cubes (I did that a lot) then my tongue would swell up. If I walked down the street in the cold rain, I would break out in white hives, become a reddish purple colour and feel very tired.

Off to the specialist I went and he diagnosed me as being one of three people in Manitoba at the time that was allergic to the cold. Imagine that? I thought he was joking and laughed and laughed. Begging my parents to move to Florida didn't work so I had to manage in my surroundings. The looks on people's faces when I would break out was amusing to say the least. I felt like a freak.

I am happy to report that age has brought about a healing from this allergy. On occasion I will get a few hives but it has to be very, very cold or my immune system has taken a back seat. When the weather is this cold - 34 Celsius with -50 windchill, I really wish we could control the weather. Order up what we want!

Anyhow...back to Dream The Answer Challenge 2009. Go check out the Table of Contents on 'My Books' Tab above.

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