Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Resource for Caregivers for the Holidays

Moving Mama

This is a "Great Gift" for caregivers for the holidays! 

The holiday season is here, and for people caring for elderly parents, it is a bittersweet time at best. Moving Mama: Taking Care of Mother During her Final Years with Alzheimer’s is a new resource that can provide help and hope during the holiday season. People who have frail elderly parents are often dealing with all of the normal stresses of the holiday season along with additional caregiving responsibilities, and the emotional stress of the anticipated loss.  The book shares the stories of their caregiving experiences, covering most areas that people face. The author, Anne Hays Egan, is a health care consultant in addition to being a caregiver.

With older adults serving as the largest growing demographic in the U.S., Moving Mama  represents a journey that many of us are now experiencing - - or will soon. Families facing similar situations can benefit from the helpful insights the author shares. The author's uncanny ability to discuss commonly shared human experiences and reach deep into the heart is part of what makes this book unique, and well worth reading.

Based on a true story, readers and reviewers have called Moving Mama “a page turner.” The book promises to be a wonderful read. You’ll experience the gamut of emotions as you join the Egan family’s journey. The author has a wry style with a distinctively southern voice.

Readers and reviewers have called this book something that “at its core, speaks of hope, despite all of the challenges that Alzheimer’s presents.”  Reviewers have called it “compelling,” “informational,” and “a real page turner.”

One recent review reports that “Anne Hays Egan's strategies for what worked for her family and suggestions about how to think about the situation of caregiving are compassionate, deep-hearted, clever and so helpful. How do you convince your proud mother to wear adult diapers, for instance? I love how Anne managed this one, and her story made me feel so much less alone in some of the conversations and undignified situations I was in with my step-father undergoing a similar decline. Her solutions, good humor, and honest admissions make these stories so very human and so very supportive. Caregiving is lonely and isolating, especially when you are in the uphill battle against memory loss, and Moving Mama can be like having an understanding friend in your Kindle reader or pocket.”

During this holiday season, when family and gift-giving take center stage, a caregiver can feel overwhelmed by not just the tasks of caregiving, but also by the emotional gamut that comes with being with a loved one in decline during the season that is so focused on sharing and giving. Moving Mama can provide many in these situations with stories that are extremely helpful, and serve as a real resource during this holiday time.

Moving Mama is available on  Amazon or through the author’s website -

~ Guest Article by Anne Hays Egan

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