Saturday, November 7, 2015

I transformed!

Getbackup sm

Get Back UP!

Excerpt from Author Michelle Lagos:

"I’m grateful to be able to share that this fortunate miracle occurred and after years of being private about its details, in certain spheres, I transformed and became inspired to create a site and write a book to help those seeking information, as well as offer another resource to explore, learn, and share from.

Often times we forget, in the fast motion of life, what may seem like common knowledge to us is in fact shared information and experience that took us years to become familiar and confident with. I was fortunate to enter into this period very healthy, strong, and had successfully explored many effective treatments prior so the network of quality health professionals was already established."

10% of the Get Back UP book/audio sales will be donated to local homeless programs in Portland, Oregon.

Get Back UP!

See previous posting for Excerpt!

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