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Last Light Falling

Last Light Falling

Last Light Falling: The Covenant, Book I

Guest post by J. E. Plemons

Last Light Falling - The covenant, is the first of a four book series where tragedy meets destiny. This graphic and raw character driven story focuses on the trials and tribulations of Arena and Gabriel power, twins born into a world of cruel and relentless tragedy where nations have fallen, economies have collapsed, and half the world's population has been wiped from the earth.

Arena and Gabe struggle to find any hope in their future after losing their parents when they were nine, but living with a loving foster family has eased some of that pain. It's not until they receive a special letter on their fifteenth birthday, that history will forever change. They will soon discover the secrets behind their destiny from a priest, who has vowed to protect them since birth, and sending them on an improbable journey that will most likely end in death.

The prophecy of the end is near and it's up to Gabriel and Arena to help prepare the world's demise by the wrath of God. Souls will rest in the providence of these ordinary twins put in an extraordinary situation, but when fate chooses them, they will have to accept their destiny changing their lives forever.


5* reviews
"Not since Stephen King’s "The Stand" has such an enthralling apocalyptic thriller with a good versus evil theme graced the bookstores. J.E. Plemons introduces us to Arena Power, a fifteen year-old orphan who braves a harsh, new world in this first installment of what promises to be an addictive new series. Best of all, this is a full-length novel rather than the 40-page snippet that some authors try to pass of as a "book" in a series. Not only was I entertained with a rich and imaginative story that showcased top-notch writing, I did not feel cheated when I finished." - Christopher Gill

"The details included in so many different events takes incredible research or a very expansive background on the author’s part. Due to the brilliant realistic events that unfold, this story has a tendency of staying in your mind long after you finish it, which is a good thing."
- Scintilate

"Plemons dynamic representation of end times is captivating and thrilling. The characters are fully developed with fragilities and strengths. Their dialogue is natural and flowing drawing you deep into their thoughts and personalities. The scenery builds up around you allowing for full immersion into the story. The mystery, suspense, faith, hope, war and love build to an unforgettable climax. I cannot wait for more. I highly recommend it!" - Ally McMahon

"As a life-time reader you go through a great number of books, even from a very early age. Over the years you start to develop unique tastes and cravings that not every author can provide. You also learn many common threads (some people call them tropes or clich├ęs) that the vast majority of authors repeat. And then... then you have books like this one, that surpass your every expectation." - Mo Birch

Last Light Falling: The Covenant, Book I

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Book II is available now - Last Light Falling: Into The Darkness: Book II - see posting.

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