Friday, July 8, 2016

Learn how to be a visual storyteller

Book Description:

Designing For The Home Run King is a design e-book about the building of a brand for the best home run hitter baseball has ever seen: Barry Bonds. Anthony Phills, the award winning designer of Hilton Worldwide HHonors Android app has curated video interviews and over 50 pages of commentary and images to tell this unique story. With a foreword by Jeff "JB" Bernstein, co-creator with Disney of "The Million Dollar Arm" and marketing agent for Barry Bonds, we go behind the scenes of the quest for the all time home run record. Through a series of micro-stories we get inside the synergy between the drive for the record and the creation of a hard hitting brand. #HomeRunKing

See video here alongside the foreword by Jeff Bernstein.

Available now on ibooks and Pre-Order for hardcover. Visit –

BIO - Anthony Phills 
A brilliant story is powerful, crisp, relevant and involving. It moves us to believe. It drives us to act and Anthony Phills ( has told the Hilton Worldwide HHonors story through their Android application, with over 1 million downloads during his time as lead designer. Disney has featured Phills’ designs in the 2014 movie The Million Dollar Arm. His work has been commissioned by Universal Music Group, AT&T application delivery service, FOX News, Jay-Z 40/40 club, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft, Real Network and Siemens. Phills was a finalist in 2013 for the Digital Magazine Awards for CariComm Magazine on the iPad and Android tablets. Phills was the Technology writer for The Beverly Hills Times Magazine, published online in 2013 by National Geographic for “BEautiful” and was awarded a US Patent and is a two-time Codie award winner.

Available now on ibooks and Pre-Order for hardcover. Visit –

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