Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dark Realms (Dark Tales Trilogy)

I want to highlight the final book in the Dark Tales Trilogy today. For all you science fiction fans out there, you may want to know that the author, Randall Scott, was involved in fantasy gaming on a regular basis. Then he took to writing about it.

Review by Lilybeth on You'll be enchanted!

"Randal L. Scott hits full stride in The Dark Realms. The story lets us get to know the heroes, and give the readers a few laughs, before sending the heroes into one close call after another. If you have ever gathered round a table, told stories and rolled dice this tale is for you.
The heroes set off to find treasure, and delve through one harrowing obstacles after another. Unbeknowst to them, they are being shadowed by a sinister group. The fights are fast paced and the action captures the confusion of battle wonderfully. The dialogue between the heroes is sure to cause chuckles. The writing is clear and flows well.
Now, where did I put those dice . . ."

I say, "When someone is passionate about something you can really feel it in their work." This is such the case with Randy or Rand (as his friends call him) The more I learn about Randy and his stories, the more caught up I become in his enthusiasm. I can also relate to how he does things that appear to be backwards. Is it because we can see the end, write about it and then have to back track to catch everyone else up? Maybe so...

In his own words,
The book Dark Realms was the first full length novel I wrote. Dark Dreams, was the second novel written but the first one of the trilogy. That means I wrote the ending before the beginning. LOL The title for this book was obvious as the adventurers visit several deep dark places in search of a long lost treasure.
See the author interview in previous posting.

Book Description:

A once retired sorceress recruits five seasoned adventurers to aid her in seeking out a dragon's hoard. Her enemies will do anything to prevent her from succeeding, even resorting to murder if need be. Which group will acquire the powerful magics and vast riches? Find out in this story, a novel from the Kingdom of the Blue Moons, and the conclusion of the Dark Tales Trilogy, .

Available on Amazon & Barnes and Noble


Update - January 3, 2014: I wanted to share this excellent review of Randall's first book "Dark Dreams". It is definitely an adventure worth taking.

Review by C. M. Edwards ~ Imaginative and Entertaining – A Fantastic Fantasy Adventure

I just love a novel that draws you in and does not let you go until the very last word. "Dark Dreams (Dark Tales Trilogy)" by Randall L. Scott does just that! It is an imaginative and entertaining novel, and explores fantasy and magic, swords and sorcery, family and adventure in a fun way that I couldn't help but love.

The characters are very believable and very nicely developed. With the highly detailed descriptions, I easily imagined myself there - in the action. The storyline has an impressive and smooth flowing plot - but, I'm not going to go into detail and spoil your read!

Randall L. Scott has crafted an enchanting fantasy world filled with plenty of action, adventure, and magic - mixed with mystery, suspense and intrigue... making you eager to turn to the next page in hurried anticipation of the characters’ next steps, or learning how this fantastical adventure will be resolved.

I give this title a 9.995 and I will most definitely be reading the rest of the series!

Dark Dreams - available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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