Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Double Feature - Poetry and Romance

Inspired by Paradoxes and Darkness Sweetens

Opened me up to poetry for the first time in my life. This author is going places. Watch and see this book become a priceless collectors item!! ~ Review by R. Reed

Inspired by Paradoxes book description

"Tunneling obnoxiously / Conniving and contriving / Careening sometimes, near out of control..."

And so begins Betty Jean Calkin's exploration of the universe's seemingly endless paradoxes. From examining relationships in their infancy to those on the verge of collapse, Calkin studies the nuances of our connection with the world and the people around us, while often highlighting the absurd and self-contradictory.

Her collection of poems details a transformation and evolution that so many have experienced, yet so few are able to articulate. Calkin's experiences are thoughtfully expressed using candid, often raw, language that will leave readers questioning common beliefs and re-thinking the paradoxes around us.

Darkness Sweetens from the back cover

Adventure into the unknown with Violet Amherst as she reconciles fear and love, danger and the strength inside of her she has never before fully recognized. As Violet unwittingly runs headfirst into a kidnapping in progress, she too is captured and must keep her wits about her to find an escape. With the help of her handsome and powerful neighbour, Simon Haven, Violet discovers secrets about life and love she never imagined existed. Set in the turn of the century Northern California Sequoia Forest, Violet’s adventures will lead her to the love of her life.


Inspired by Paradoxes & Darkness Sweetens

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