Saturday, December 28, 2013

Foxy the Fox and the Vineyard

eitanhana cover

Author Eitan Hana, is the father of ten children and he has over thirty grandchildren. Eitan feels, "There is nothing like stories to learn from when you can identify with them."  His intentions are for children to learn about ", manners, and morals. It will help them be kind with themselves and their environment, and it will make them want to live in a better world."

This is such a colourful and quickly moving story. My heart started beating faster as I wondered what was going to happen. It reminded me of how I felt while listening to my favorite childhood story, "Mickey Mouse and the Beanstalk" on my little record player. I think children will really enjoy this story and their parents will too.

"The idea of consulting the wise owl is a wonderful idea to teach children that we don’t know everything. It’s possible to learn from others. The illustrations are beautiful. A beautiful book."

Here is a great message from the book:
Foxy the fox loves what foxes love.
He loves all his friends and he loves to
live at peace with E V E R Y O N E.
~  (Kindle Locations 111-112).

Review by Edna - Awesome book
"Today most books are illustrated with a line or two and large areas of color. Everything is instantaneous. But here we see a different work of art, that of special artists with a lot of feeling and imagination. Beautiful and impressive. Thank you."
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