Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Would you keep a diary to "see" who you really are?

Amsterdam Confessions of a Shallow Man

The Amsterdam Confessions of a Shallow Man is an adult comedy for a mature audience.

Excerpt of a Review by Meaghan-Immensely entertaining
Simon Woolcot’s ‘The Amsterdam Confessions of a Shallow Man’ dropped my jaws and left it there—seriously. Hilarious and fascinating at turns, Woolcot’s personal account of his adventures while living as an expat in the Netherlands is unapologetically funny—he is a fashion-conscious bad-ass with a sharp eye for the ridiculous and the wit to turn it into something that could leave you laughing on the floor.
Imagine someone pretty much daring you to keep a diary so that you can "see" what you are really like? What a great idea. This is what happened to the author -Simon Woolcot. I pulled this excerpt to share as it sums it up nicely.

Excerpt: (Kindle Locations 96-104)

Anna, a blonde bombshell of a woman from the beautiful city of Frankfurt, who is one of my best friends, my colleague and who claims to know me better than I know myself, says that I am the shallowest man she’s ever known, and that because I constantly deny being so, the best way for me to realize quite how lacking in any real depth I am would be to start writing down exactly how I live my life for a month. Her theory is that I’m so busy living my allegedly shallow existence, that only when seeing my activities written down will it dawn on me how I am the living equivalent of a worm’s grave, i.e. extremely shallow.

A month is a hell of a long time, most of my relationships don’t last that long (joking) and I’m not too happy about making such a long term commitment, but since Anna claims that I lack the discipline to keep a diary, I am intent on proving her wrong. So welcome to the diaries of Simon Woolcot, an allegedly spoiled and shallow Expat from London living in Amsterdam.

Wait! There's more. Simon tells tales of what can be comparable to the seven deadly sins. From the books description:
  • For a month he keeps a diary of his life in Amsterdam, a tale of fine dining, womanizing, romps in sex clubs, bespoke tailoring and office politics.
  • The book is divided into the seven deadly sins, lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, envy, pride and wrath all of which are committed during the course of this book.
  • Based on the popular blog, the Amsterdam confessions of a shallow man, the book provides plenty of insights into life in the Netherlands through the eyes of that cities shallowest man.
About the Author:
Simon Woolcot, some might say he's a legend in his own mind, others call him a nuisance who should go back to London.

Simon Woolcot is a privileged Expat who came to Amsterdam from London for a six month assignment and has remained for nine years. Planning is obviously not his strong point. He spends his time commenting on various aspects of life in Holland on the Amsterdam Confessions of a Shallow Man Blog.

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The Amsterdam Confessions of a Shallow Man is available on Amazon (Paperback and Kindle)

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