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Creative Investing - Ideas for 2014!



Review by Beth - Will Change the Way You View Investing

By now everyone knows not to put all their investment eggs in one basket but we may wonder what the other basket options are. This slim volume provides many alternative investment options that you probably have never thought of before.

I read through the entire book in a single sitting and then flipped back to the beginning and read it again. It was really that good.

The author clearly knows what he is talking about and provides so many intriguing investment ideas that I simply never would have thought of. I now have a completely different perspective of the investment landscape and cannot wait to get started with some of the author's ideas.

Whatever the level of your investment money is (whether it is $20, $200, $2,000, or $20,000) this book provides a viable investment option for you.
I highly recommend this well researched book. It helps you think outside the box of traditional investments and will change the way you view investing.


Some Chapter titles are:  Add some color to your Portfolio; When creative Rhyme with Disruptive; Apps & Where should I park my money?

Excerpt chapter 1 - Honey I Love That Business!

The New York Stock Exchange and Stocks

When you think of stocks most likely you think of the stock market, but you might think of Wall Street too. Some people get Wall Street and the stock market confused. Wall Street is an actual street in New York City where the New York Stock Exchange is located. The stock market actually consists of many exchanges or markets where stocks are bought and sold. Despite being the home of the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street actually got its name for an actual wall. In 1653 Dutch settlers built a 12-foot stockade fence to defend against the Native Americans and the British. The British tore the wall down in 1685 and replaced it with a street which they named Wall Street.

~ Creative Investment Ideas That Work (Kindle Locations 92-100)


This book is a great investment, for only 2.99, as it is full of creative ideas and a unique approach that will help you decide where to invest your money. It will change the way you think about investing, for the better. Highly recommended.

~ Review by Anthea C. on Goodreads

Note: Check out Dominic Faultz website – He has a great posting about his book which includes three videos- Investment Ideas for 2014


Creative Investment Ideas that Work is Available on Amazon!

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