Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Opposite of Poverty is Friendship

The Opposite of Poverty is Friendship

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“The point that became clear in it all was that if we did it all, but had no friends to share our lives with, we would realize that we lived an impoverished existence.”Sean Knowles

Guest article by Duran Price

In 2013 I lost one of my dearest friends in a senseless act of violence and it made me reflect on the incredible value of friendship. Our world is so different without our friends. This devastating loss also brought tremendous gratitude for the friendships I’m blessed to have. It reminded me of how precious these relationships are and all the amazing things I learned about friendships over the years. I wanted to share what I learned.

This book isn’t a guide to making casual friends, it’s about the depth of value real friends have in our lives. Told through personal stories, it shares insights on how to navigate the challenges that real friendships face. And above all, it reminds us to pause and acknowledge our friendships, these true treasures of life, while we still can.

The Opposite Of Poverty Is Friendship is a reminder that life is almost meaningless without your friends; they are your greatest treasure.

Duran Price

Real life captured on paper that expresses and shows that friendships are not trivial, easy, full of games, fun, great memories and lasts forever. Friendships like all things of true value take time, effort, and much self-sacrifice and humility to build. Forged sometimes through the deepest pits and hottest fires. Diamonds in the end. This book, told through an artistry of sometimes humorous yet gripping stories, introduces us to characters so different yet share a common close bond with Duran. This book has given me a new perspective on what a true friend is and much more importantly how that friendship should be valued.
Available on Amazon in Paperback (USA Link)

Kindle links here - UK  USA  CDN  AU

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