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The Global Nanny State is Nearer Than You Think


Humanity Lost

Excerpt from Press Release:

Humanity Lost, the latest sci-fi offering from Ecanus Publishing, explores the world of 2038. All is not how we might hope for in this epic new release on Amazon Kindle's ebook store.

In the New Era of 2038, there is no violence, no hatred, no war. But there is no free will. "Freewill" has become the only crime. Fortunately mankind's protectors' have a suppressant to help us overcome our baser instincts. Unfortunately for one beautiful and compassionate young woman, Eva, she is immune to the suppressant. Eva is discovered by a mysterious young bishop and her life will never be the same again. Humanity Lost is available on the Amazon Kindle store.

Excerpt of Review by Z. Hsia

Picture this...Can this happen to all of us? 

Although I am a paranormal romance author, I like this novel for it's original plot, clear scenes development, characters, and the ending. My suggestions is to read the whole novel under one-sitting like I did as you will realize how addictive this novel can really be. Just hope that the government don't find out what Eva has too quickly, or otherwise...

Excerpt - Humanity Lost (Kindle Locations 36-78)

EVA Part I Time: 8: 00 AM Date: Thursday, 31st May 2038 Season: Summer Schedule for this Morning: Wake Up, Personal Hygiene, Breakfast & Work.

These words, spoken in a Monotone Voice from the Personal Computer System rang through Eva’s ears, immediately waking her up. She didn’t mind being woken up at such an early time. She thought of sleep as a process of recharging one’s Biological Battery and therefore 8: 00 AM was a reasonable time for her to get up and get ready for work. Her Battery would be full enough for her to go through the day.

Opening her weary eyes, she was greeted by the Automated Morning Wake -up call from her Alarm System:

Good Morning Eva

Work will begin in 1hr and 30mns.

You have plenty of time to fulfil your daily tasks.

Hearing the mechanical voice trying to speak like a human with sentences like “Good Morning” always made her smile in amusement, and today was no exception. She smiled radiantly and made a cute little chuckle to herself.

Her rosy red lips and perfect, clean teeth complemented her smile exquisitely. Eva was a natural beauty, her long, silky blonde hair and sparkling ocean-blue eyes were perfect the way they were and her beautiful, cute face was like that of an Angel.

Getting up out of bed, she opened the milk-white curtains to shine some light into her bedroom.

The bright, warm decor, combined with the morning sun, was like an overwhelming feast for the eyes. It was like being outside on a tropical island and seeing the bright sun mixed with the stunning, idyllic scenery.

Every morning when Eva saw the intoxicating bedroom illuminated by the sunlight made the days more worthwhile. But after all, that was the ingenious design of the homes all over Haven City, make them bright and positive to help motivate the Citizens.

Happiness equalled peace and peace equalled happiness. The world had not encountered an outbreak of violence and aggression in almost a decade thanks to the “Paradise Amendment” that sparked The New Era - a law that was passed back in 2017 which saved the Planet from the brink of destruction by Humanity’s primal rage.

Humanity Lost is available on the Amazon Kindle store.

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