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Here you have a novel where the author clearly knows what he is talking about. (courtroom) Currently there are 44 rave reviews on Amazon for Thump!

Allow me to introduce you to the Author Avraham Azrieli first:

Avraham Azrieli

Avraham Azrieli, a graduate of Columbia Law School in New York City, had practiced law for two decades before publishing his first novel, The Masada Complex, a best-selling political thriller.

Azrieli often rides his motorcycle in the mountainous forests of western Maryland.

He is the author of many bestselling novels. See his author page here.

What is this story Thump about?


A handsome African American, his white female boss, and an explosive sexual harassment trial that threatens to destroy the richest investment firm in Baltimore. Thump’s story turns sexual harassment on its gender head and charges it with intense racial acrimony.

Before I get to the excerpt because I know you are all waiting to see inside this fabulous novel… here are some rave reviews!!!

"Balanced yet thrilling. [Not] the classic "young beautiful woman who falls victim," [but] a young man in his prime. A legal thriller with plot twists that can make your head spin!" Hollywood Book Reviews.

"Well written, attention-grabbing courtroom room drama about sexual harassment and racism. Engaging...realistic…honest… provocative [as] the typical roles in a sexual harassment case are reversed. This is the kind of book you cannot put down until you figure out the resolution…a climax that rivals other mainstream authors in this genre." Pacific Book Review.

Excerpt ~ Chapter 1 ~ (Kindle Locations 96-113)

Lying on his back, Thump bench-pressed fifty-pound dumbbells while Tiffany did low-resistance bicep curls. She didn’t care much for weightlifting, but a bit of muscle pain was a fair price to pay for the pleasure of watching him give his all in Spandex shorts and a sleeveless shirt, sweat shimmering on his ebony skin . He grunted through the last set, his muscles bulging. When he finally dropped the dumbbells, she clapped , and he laughed.

Next in their routine was the cardio room. It held over sixty machines , ridden hard by the early crowd of mostly young African Americans who, like Tiffany and Thump, had remained in the neighborhood after graduating from the University of Baltimore.

They ran for thirty minutes , wearing headphones connected to individual TV screens— Tiffany’s tuned to ABC’s Good Morning Baltimore, Thump’s to CNBC’s Squawk Box. The last five minutes they went all out , turning up the speed on the treadmills until they were running at full speed. Unlike weightlifting , here she easily beat him with her long legs and lithe figure. Her sneakers tapped lightly on the spinning rubber while he hard-charged with fists pumping , soles pounding, laughter bubbling up until he gave up and jumped off the machine, pulling on the safety cord that shut it off.

Tiffany used the down arrow to slow down to a stop. She got off the treadmill and scrunched her face at him. Thump gave her a touch-and-go kiss on the lips, and they jogged to the locker rooms. Thump was out first. He stood before the mirrored wall in the reception area to adjust his tie— a rich burgundy to complement his smoke-gray suit. Tiffany emerged a moment later in her nurse’s uniform and little white cap that held her hair back from her face.

“Wow!” He made her turn to the mirror to see her reflection. “Look at you!”

Tiffany checked her reflection. “What?”

“What do you mean what?” He laughed. “You’re delicious!”

She blew air, turning away, but was clearly pleased.

“Mr. Jefferson?”

Thump turned at the sound of his name.

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