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Beyond The Law


Beyond The Law

Beyond The Law – Review by BoxseyRa39 in the UK - Great book.

Read this after a recommendation from a mate. Really enjoyed it. The main character Phil McKenzie was very realistic as an ex-mil special ops guy turned vigilante, and the other characters were all very convincing too. There was plenty of action all the way through, and the military style ops and references were all spot on. As good as any of the similar type books from any of the more well known writers.

What is this book about?

In January 1996, Phil McKenzie leads his Special Air Service team, on a secret mission into Kentobi, Africa. An assassin codenamed Chameleon, kills the Kentobi president, but Phil is framed for the murder. He negotiates liberty at a high price; an end to his military career.

Following a brief secondment to the Metropolitan Police and discharge from the Army, Phil returns to his hometown as Hawk, a vigilante. The term, ‘deniable ops’, finds new meaning as Phil tackles Glasgow’s underworld with his small, unique team. Using stealth, intelligence, and bloody violence, Phil hunts down the city’s Godfather.

Excerpt Chapter 1 ~ (Kindle Locations 125-146)

Friday, 5th January 1996

Kentobi, Central Africa

From under the trees, Phil McKenzie observed the two helicopters take-off. They adopted a forward tilting attitude, engines screaming as they gained height and speed. When the leading aircraft reached 200 feet Phil fired two rapid shots into the front of the Perspex canopy.

“Do you really think it’ll work Phil?” Joe Conroy asked his team leader.

They watched the Russian-built Hind plummet to the ground, hit the Kentobi dust, and explode in a ball of flame.

“It’ll work,” Phil replied. “Without his escort, the fearless dictator will turn back.”

They watched as the second Hind, containing General Amadi Meterenge, banked to the right taking evasive action . The General’s helicopter also went out of control, spiralled to the ground and exploded in a ball of flame.

“Shit!” Phil said through gritted teeth. “Just before it spun, the Perspex splintered on that second chopper . There was another shot.”

“Long range with a suppressor fitted,” Joe said, and scanned the countryside to the north with his binoculars. “I reckon it came from that outcrop, but who the fuck was it?” He continued looking.

“That’s a range of at least 500 metres.”

“No time for that,” Phil said, before turning to the other two members of the team. “Let’s go lads. We can’t hang about here.”

Pete Kelly and Dave Carter had been laying prone behind Phil and listening in. They were keeping watch to the rear of the small group. When they heard the second explosion and the conversation of the others , they exchanged a glance before continuing to observe their individual arcs.


Meet The Author

Tom Benson

Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1952.

At 17, I left home to join the British Army and enjoyed a 23 year career.

My service covered peace-time, conflict at home and abroad, and the training of recruits.

Married Olive in '77.

Our son Andrew was born in Germany in '82.

On leaving the military in '92 chose Retail Management which lasted for 20 years.

In October 2012 stepped down from management.

Maintained a part time role since then as a Retail Assistant with Ryman the Stationer to support my ambitions as a Creative Writer and Artist

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