Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Ten Prison Commandments

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John “Doc” Fuller released his book titled “The Ten Prison Commandments” – The Ten Rules You Must Know Before You Enter A County Jail, State or Federal Prison, on Super Bowl Sunday 2014. Doc offers common sense and sound advice:
“If you are a young person in school, a professional athlete, a celebrity, or a hardworking person contemplating or engaging in criminal acts, you should seek help from a family member, guidance counselor, teacher, spiritual advisor, true friend, mentor, or qualified mental health professional. Then you may never have to enter the prison system and apply the commandments.”
With the level of crime increasing across the country prison consulting is a trend setting necessity for those facing incarceration for the first time. How does this consultant, himself a minority, promote racial harmony, life-saving behaviors, and social justice within the "microcosm" of a prison?

What challenges has he faced in his eleven years of incarceration? What can celebrities, veterans, politicians, white collar criminals, and the average Joe learn from his work? Rush Limbaugh says “The book should be mandatory for any stock trader on Wall Street.” This will easily be one of the top 100 notable books of the year because it’s a topic we all thought we knew until we picked up this short but authoritative masterpiece.

Since the publishing of his book, Mr. Fuller has been featured on: Fox News, CBS News, and numerous radio broadcasts; highlighted in Loaded Magazine, NY Daily News and Crains NY Magazine.


Sex Offenders:

Pedophiles, rapists and sexual offenders please read this several times. Keep your mouths quiet because inmates will find out who you are sooner or later. The wheels of justice turn slow for you sick vermin. There will come a time when you are exposed. Once that happens you will feel what your victim(s) felt. All dignity will be lost and cries for help ignored. The courts rarely make trash like you pay the full price for the heinous acts you commit but don’t worry, inmates happily pick up the tab. Ironically they may lift your head like the predator if given enough time to trap you one on one. Will you deserve it? Probably so but if you’re honest the question should be “Did my victim(s) deserve to be physically, emotionally, psychologically or verbally abused?”

In the restroom:

If you are in a facility where inmates are locked down 23 hours per day and must use the cell toilet, let your cellmate know before you go. If he is on the bottom bunk, he will likely put up a sheet so you can have privacy. Otherwise, use your own sheet. Simply tuck it under your mattress if you have the top bunk—or under his mattress if you don’t. But ask permission first! This is delicate but essential. Your bunky should turn his back, and you had better flush the toilet immediately and often to avoid smelling up the cell.

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