Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sherlock Holmes: The Dark Reckoning

Sherlock Holmes The Dark Reckoning

Guest Article by Ian Wright

Holmes notices a crowd gathered inside Hyde Park at the scene of a murder. He forces his way through the crowd and discovers a decapitated body. As the mystery starts to unfold, he begins to suspect that his presence at this scene was no coincidence. Soon, more murders take place and a sinister pattern starts to emerge.

In each case a different body part is removed from the victim, but to what end? The victims are carefully chosen, and clues are purposely left for Holmes to discover. These clues lead Holmes closer to the killer, who seems to be using them as a means to taunt the detective.

It becomes clear to Holmes that he and Doctor Watson are being hunted and are likely to become the killer’s final victims. Despite this, he feels compelled to continue his investigation to catch the killer and bring the murders to an end.

Meanwhile, the killer watches as Holmes follows clues that lead him through the streets of Victorian London and into a dangerous trap. From here, there is no escape for the great detective and the only way out is death.

Amazon Review by Writer - Excellent New Sherlock Holmes Story
"Frankly, I didn't expect much; usually new Holmes stories are simply pale versions of the originals. But "The Dark Reckoning" was a most pleasant surprise which far exceeded my dim expectations. I dare say Mr. Conan Doyle would have been proud."


It was almost dark as Holmes drew close to Baker Street, the skyline of buildings and treetops were silhouetted against a dark blue sky. There were thousands of stars visible, like bright glittering speckles in a vast expanse of indigo. A few wispy clouds looked like ghosts haunting the moon, being gently illuminated by its glow.

The bright warm glow of gas street lamps was diffused by the frostiness in the night air.   In the street there was a fresh pile of horse manure, sending ribbons of steam up into the cold atmosphere. A man walked across the street, gazing into the irresistible light of an upstairs window; hoping to catch a glimpse of clandestine activities within. With his gaze firmly fixed on the window, the heel of his foot landed heavily in the manure. The man’s foot slid a little, causing him to stumble, and he quickly looked around hoping that nobody had seen him.

Holmes saw what happened and tried to suppress his mirth, as he didn’t want the unfortunate chap to see him laughing. He walked passed the man, who was trying to look as dignified as possible, as if nothing had happened. Holmes had to bite his lip to stop himself from bursting out laughing as he walked by. The man wiped his shoe on the curb and then began to follow Holmes, until turning off into a side street.

It was from a side street that Holmes heard a sarcastic, mocking voice say, “The game’s a head, Mr. Holmes!”
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