Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Curse Of Christ


The Curse of Christ by JS Ortega

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“Perhaps JS Ortega is a new Dan Brown” ~ Pandora Magazine

Book Description:

In 1532, in the French town of Chambery, an attempt to steal the Holy Shroud resulted in a tragic accident which nearly caused it to be destroyed in a fire.

In 1772, a man connected to the attempted robbery was helped to escape from the catacombs of Vatican City where he was being held captive.

In the present day, the professor of history Faustino Rovira disappears from Madrid’s Universidad Complutense without a trace, but his friend and fellow professor Mario Faberti discovers the secret which connects his friend to the man who, centuries ago, tried to get hold of the Holy Shroud.

A secret which the Vatican will never allow to be revealed.

Review by

“This book has already made the best of the year list. I read it in three days and just couldn’t put it down; it has taken hours off my sleep.

The narrative is exquisite, the characters unique; Ambrosse inspires so much peace and goodness that it makes me want to be a better person. I love the portrait of Jesus which is made in the book; some of Ambrosse’s sentences when he remembers the time he spent with him are most inspiring. The author could have overdone this, but the elegance and prudency with which he describes it are worth mentioning.

As soon as you enter the story you become a close observer. You can feel the cobblestones of Verona’s streets under your feet, the aroma of coffee, the sound of distant footsteps in the lonely streets and the cold wind on arriving at the lonely monastery.

There are some chronological leaps backwards and forwards but you never get lost. It is amazing how such distant dates (years 1, 1532, 1772 and the present date) can be linked together in such perfect synchrony.

I think that the book is very well written and is worth reading, so I definitely recommend it, particularly if you like stories that revolve around religion”.

(This review has been translated from Spanish. To purchase the Spanish version of The Curse Of Christ visit Amazon here)

The Curse of Christ by JS Ortega

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