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The May- December Twist

The May December Twist

The May- December Twist


Loved this book because I could totally relate to it – “"I am a woman of "a certain age" who is using the internet to find my match and found this book to be so true to life...I laughed and I cried and found the friendships to be spot on. I look forward to reading more books about "The Four". ~ Review by Laughingspirit

Guest Article by Romney Humphrey

Allie Dunlop, a fifty-year-old divorcee, is coerced by her three closest friends into online dating with age-appropriate contenders. Despite finding David, the “perfect match” via a dating site (Why does she always feel sleepy when she kisses him?), she finds herself intrigued with Jameson, a successful entrepreneur volunteering at her non-profit. He is smart, wildly attractive and feels like a soul mate. The problem? He’s twenty-five.

Complications are legion. Her friends can’t understand why Allie would consider Jameson. Why won’t she stay with the perfectly suitable David? And, her twenty-one year old twin sons might have a problem with her dating someone four years older than they.

Jameson, an 'old soul', introduces Allie to Kate, a charming four-year-old he has taken under his wing, and Arthur, another friend, in his eighties and a beguiling personality. Clearly, this is not your typical twenty-five year old man.

The book is also a portrait of the role of friendship; Allie’s friends, (The Four) have always been involved in her life decisions. The dynamic has worked historically for the group. If Allie succumbs to the pull of Jameson, will that also jeopardize the core of her bond with The Four? Jo, one of the group, proves to be a less than stellar member.

The audience for this book are women forty through seventy. It has been read and discussed by book clubs in this demographic. The response has been enthusiastic. One club spent an hour debating whether Jo should stay rejected by the group after a personal betrayal. Readers love the idea of Twenty, Allie's non-profit. There has been whole hearted buy-in of the romance between Jameson and Allie.

Excerpts from a July Kirkus Review: "In a twist on the typical May/December romance, Humphrey’s new chick-lit is a romping good time. Full of peppy dialogue and engaging characters, Humphrey’s novel is a bubbly read that stays fresh and fun. Her subtle exploration of the shifting dynamics of The Four is well-done, perfectly capturing the complexities and beauty of female friendships. Allie is a relatable heroine, foundering with insecurity yet capable of rising to meet even the toughest challenges."


The May- December Twist


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