Saturday, December 20, 2014

Musing Aloud, Allowed


Musing Aloud, Allowed

Guest article by Sherna Spencer, an Attorney, Author and Poet

"With the poem called You Are America I pay homage to the many persons who have chosen to call America home, despite the hardships they have endured to remain here. They know what they left behind!" ~ Sherna Spencer interviewed at the Jamaica Observer

Do you have friends or family members who:

  • likes social commentary?
  • humor
  • has children
  • is an immigrant (3 great poems about the immigrant experience)
  • loves Bob Marley (a poem called "Vibing on Bob")
  • has been to Jamaica ( another called "Jamaica Goodbye")
  • you just want to thank? (say it perfectly with "Taboo, Thank You.")

Maybe you just feel like RANTING right now ( read "The Point of Ranting") and more.. 

40 great inspiring poems - in 95 pages.

There is something for everyone this collection

Take a few minutes and feed your mind and escape from the day to day.

I turned the titles in the Table of Contents into a story…

"Ranting Genius with Crosses to Bear, listening to Reggae, Politics and Politricks; writing 101 Creative Letters to the Upsetters, calling them oxyMORONS—on behalf of the Undocumented. I don’t want to be rude and say, A Call to Order, because the response will be, you Devil you have too many Details, too many Laws, less Happiness, trying to Divide and Conquer with Fringe Rules and Travel Bans. My response would be—I am Willing, I know you are More than Just a Number, let’s just get to the point, short clear sentences—Small Talk..............."

A little teaser the rest in the book.......


BUY it and write a comment......:

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Very engaging, fun poetry, each new with a twist of words and meaning that make you want to read on. Thoughtful, as in my favorite poem,The devil's in the details;. A delightful book you can read over and over again. ~ Review by Paul on Barnes and Noble

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