Saturday, February 8, 2014

Why do they leave Christianity and come to Islam?

Aicha Zoubair

Guest Post by Aicha Zoubair

This book: "WHY DO THEY LEAVE CHRISTIANITY AND COME TO ISLAM?" emphasizes the importance for mankind of knowing that God has sent a last scripture to follow: the Quran. It explains the message of everyone being responsible for their own life and that proper worship to the real God is the only way to lead people to heaven.

Was Christianity the religion of Jesus? Did he call himself a Christian? The author explores these questions and many more and condemns Paul as the messenger of Satan who managed to pollute the message of Christ.

Zoubair clarifies that Christianity was not the religion Jesus followed and that it is not the religion God is pleased with, because it has been manipulated by the Roman Church with the decision to worship Jesus and leave the law for salvation on the blooded cross.

If you are ready to learn why Islam is the religion of truth that God wants us to follow, or if you are currently interested in learning how Islam is different from what you learn and see on television, you must read this book.


Review by yoo-cht

This is a good piece of critical analysis that compares verses from the Quran to the correlating stories in the Bible in order to form an argument. This is a fascinating read and I couldn't put the book down, it didn't just keep me wanting to know more but it kept me asking ‘why’.

I felt as though this book answered some of the questions that I did have about some of the stories contained in the bible.

You can tell that this book is written from the heart and with a devout faith and for me as a Christian it was an insightful read.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to delve into religion further, Christianity or Islam or who would like to know the differences between today's Bible and the Quran.

A very good read, I'm glad I bought it.

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