Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Blink of Her Eye

The Blink SM

The Blink of Her Eye

Intended for an Adult Audience

Brilliant ~ Review by Lindsay

From the hot cover to the enticing characters, this was by far one of the most addicting reads I've read all summer. Gabriel and Anika are relatable characters I found myself rooting for them right from the start. I also loved the the complexity of the plot. It was easy to tell this author put a lot into all the little twists and turns that made up the mystery. Overall, I really loved this one and highly recommend it for anyone looking for a real thrill with erotic elements.

THE BLINK OF HER EYE will entice you, excite you and leave you asking for more. A must read for those fans of noir seeking a blend of romance, mystery and eroticism.

While investigating patient complaints as the hospital’s compliance officer, Anika is attacked by a man claiming she murdered his wife. After wickedly seductive Gabriel rescues her, she knows she isn’t quite dead when all she thinks about are his eyes devouring her in a single glance.

As Anika recovers, she receives a note urging her to ‘Stop the Murders.’ But she’s clueless as to who is about to be killed. Bewildered, she accepts Gabriel’s offer to unravel the mystery behind the message.

With the death toll rising, Gabriel refuses to deny his erotic compulsion for Anika while tracking down the murderer. Equally consumed by her own insatiable passions, Anika leaves them both vulnerable to life-threatening dangers. Their obsession to be together will either save or destroy them as well as hundreds about to be killed.

Also available in Spanish!

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