Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Journey with Woobee

Amazingly refreshing! ~ Review by Ronald Elliott Jr

This is what the next generations needs! This story sparks hope and has substance! It is well written and should keep the attention of your audience! This book has great artwork that compliments the story and the hearer's imagination! Looking forward to seeing this book being passed on to my children's children! Looking forward to many more from the writer!

Book Description:

Woobee’s Journey is about a boy’s journey from boyhood to manhood.

It’s about the love of a grandmother, memories that never fade, prayers that never end and love that is passed on for a lifetime.

Antwinette ScottAntwinette Scott

Antwinette Scott makes her home in sunny Sacramento with her husband of 24 years and 5 beautiful children. Having penned random thoughts on paper for years, Scott finally decided to transform these scribbled ramblings into a children’s book.

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