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Proof of Life After Death - 106 Stories

Love Never Dies - 106 Stories

Have you ever wondered about whether or not there is life after death? I have wondered and been shown personally that there is. For me, it has been through dreams and visions. For example, I saw my grandmother on my mother's side, standing behind the coffin during her funeral. When I described to my mother what my grandmother was wearing, she verified that was the chosen outfit. (twilight zone music enters here...)

So when this book Greeting From Above - Proof of Life After Death, comes across my desk, it speaks to my heart. Through these pages of 106 true stories you will feel a "connection". Not sure I can describe it in a better way.

Excerpt from description of book: 
Death affects every person, religion and culture. Survivors who receive signs from deceased loved ones may not allow themselves to fully recognize that they really are actual signs. They may believe these signs are "all in their heads" and dismiss them.

Author, K. M. Ryan categorizes the ways in which our deceased loved ones contact us. If there is a particular experience you can relate too, then jump to that chapter.

Sensing a Presence
Physical Signs
Seeing Them In Dreams
Seeing Them
Smelling a Scent

And like me...there are chapters with stories where people experience more than one way of communication. For me that chapter is 'Dreams and One or More Other Sign'.

"Each personal story is expressed by a well-refined, straightforward writing style that vividly portrayed each experience to me personally." ~ Review by Manchester on Amazon

K. M. Ryan wants to give those who have lost a loved one encouragement, hope and the joy of knowing that their loved one is with them and loves them more than ever." (in her 'About The Author' on Amazon)

Note: Be sure to contact the author if you wish to share your story.

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