Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Guest Article by: Jim Yackel

Prophetic dreams and visions? Dire warnings of imminent Biblical apocalypse? A musician named Jesse Same, who reluctantly impersonates Elvis Presley for his living, resides in the same small town that was the birthplace of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum. We all know that foolish flying monkeys were a part of the journey to the fictional Land of Oz, but could they also serve as legitimate real-life demonic apparitions? Jesse thinks so, as he sees them and things far more foreboding and relative to contemporary America, the world, the occult, secret societies, and the powers that be.  Would anyone - including a local church pastor - even believe him, or would they consider him absurd?

Jesse has grown weary of the Elvis gig and desires to do something new with his music career.  Likewise, he desires to have more time with his young son and that means wrestling him away from his manipulative and controlling ex-wife and her hard-driving new husband. They don't subscribe to Jesse's strong faith in Jesus and are troubled that the young son has developed his father's passionate love for the Lord. How far would the ex and her husband go to keep the young son from Jesse? Would the young boy put himself into great danger in order to be with his dad? Would Jesse ever learn who his own father is?  As this man who is a dead-ringer for the King of Rock-n-Roll dreams prophetic dreams, the supernatural creeps through the cracks in the walls that separate it from the natural realm as those who are bound to this world may soon witness the end of America and the world as they know it. Will the man's dreams and visions come to pass? Is there any hope for the nation and the individuals who appear in his dreams?

The relationship between the father and son will melt your heart. It's a book that simply won't disappoint. 'I was immediately pulled into this book.'
~ Author Alliance Book Reviews

Note from Seann -   This book is right up my alley. Prophetic dreams, Elvis, Jesus, music, suspense, visions...

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