Monday, December 23, 2013

Save Your Breath

 Save Your Breath

Sonia Sheehan

Sonia Sheehan understands better than anyone that to stop smoking can be a stressful time.

“The thought of never, ever having a cigarette again can be terrifying for a smoker,” Sonia says.

Her new book released this week, Save Your Breath - The Stress-Free Guide on Overcoming Nicotine Addictionfollows Sonia’s 27 year nicotine journey that finally ended two years ago.

Sonia says she wouldn’t even like to guess how many times she tried to stop smoking before she did actually have her final cigarette.

“Whenever I said I was giving up, my friends would just roll their eyes. They’d heard it all before,” Sonia says.

“And to be honest, in retrospect I can understand their skepticism,” she explains.

Sonia uses her many failed attempts at quitting to advise her readers on what not to do when trying to kick the habit.

“Everyone is different. You need your own method to stop smoking, in your own time and on your own terms.”

Sonia said one of the key things about stopping smoking is the fear that life without that favourite cigarette with a coffee or after a meal just won’t be worth living.

“Stopping can be a stressful time for smokers and my book helps people understand the concept of a happy nicotine-free life, which in turn assists them to stop smoking permanently.”

Save your Breath is available through Sonia’s website, where you can also contact her about group seminars and one-to-one mentoring she offers anyone trying to stop smoking.

~ excerpted from Press Release

Note from Seann: Below is a great question and answer video. In my opinion, you can also apply her answers to other bad habits that need to changing. If you do not smoke personally, I bet you know someone who does. Introduce them to Sonia.

Questions from audience answered

See! What did I tell you? It is a great video. I particularly like the part where she suggests to start smoking less. It won't cost you anything and it will help you make the changes you desire.
Having spent time with Sonia while she was working to free herself from smoking, I promise you that I have never met anyone more courageous or more determined to overcome an addiction – which she accomplished by battling her mind head on – unlike anyone I have ever observed before. By doing so, she knows very well what worked and how others can do the same. Sonia is my hero. Do yourself a favor and read her book now!
~ Michael Nitti, BCC, Master Life Coach & Author, United States

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