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The Thin Woman's Brain is Different!

The Thin Woman's Brain

The Thin Woman's Brain: Re-Wiring The Brain For Permanent Weight Loss is available on Amazon - Here are two links: USA  & Canada
It is my belief that humanity will evolve because of female consciousness. Too much of our potential is squandered when so many women feel ashamed of their bodies. If just 2% of this wasted energy could be re-channeled toward positive activities, our entire race would be richly blessed.
Do you want to get to the root causes as to why this nation continues to gain weight? It is time to address this epidemic in a different way. Dilia Suriel, in her own words, "I do want to share that I’m a world-class analyst. I just happened to wake up one day knowing that I needed to use my analytical talents to end the dieting hell that I’d lived for too many years.” (Kindle Locations 355-357).

Rachel on Amazon commented: "As someone who has read every ebook around on dieting and weight loss, believe me when I say this is the best one of the bunch! As women, we know what the problem is. We know when we've overeaten or made bad choices. But then we do it again. And again. And we keep doing it. This book will tell you why. It will give you the science behind it, the reasons you know what you're doing is wrong and just can't seem to stop.

And then the book tells you how to fix it. It goes through the steps with you on rewiring your brain and your habits to change them into something healthier. You get the tools you need in this book to be successful. This book is obviously researched and has the science to back up what it is telling you. But it is presented in a way that is easy to understand and as you're reading this book, you too will find yourself saying "That's me! I do that!"

This book is for every woman, or man, that has ever struggled with food, eating, habits and behaviors. Read it once, twice, however many times you need to until it sticks, because this book is worth it."

As you know, ( if you follow my blog) when a "self-help" book comes across my desk, I love to share the chapter titles. Here they are:
  • Chapter 1 – Restore the Brain, Lose the Weight
  • Chapter 2 – The Thin Woman’s Brain
  • Chapter 3 – The Food Addict’s Brain
  • Chapter 4 – Restoring the Brain to Natural Thinness
  • Chapter 5 – Tools to Become Mindful
  • Chapter 6 – Pattern Interruption
  • Chapter 7 – What is Asking for Attention?
  • Chapter 8 – Restoring Food as Nourishment
  • Chapter 9 – Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail
  • Chapter 10 – Implementing the Naturally Thin Woman Program
  • Appendix A – The Truth Will … Make You Hungry
  • Appendix B – Special Cases
Brain on Scale

Suriel has done her homework and has an excellent website which features additional information. Click on the brain photo to be taken to the page titled: 'the food addicts brain'

In my opinion, Dilia Suriel has it right. We do have to rewire the brain. Our brain is our operational system after all. I've watched documentaries about how the brains of people are triggered if they are alcoholics. It would be the same for food addicts as well. In my opinion.

“The brain is the central switchboard that transmits messages to the nervous system.   Every thought and feeling can be correlated to brain activity.” (Kindle Locations 508-509).

What other people are saying! Review on Amazon by Sanya;

"For anyone struggling with weight this eBook will be transformational. The detailed program is clear and easy to follow. I am drawn to well-written books and this one delivers as it is helpful, well-researched and shares complex concepts in a conversational, friendly style. Unlike most weight loss books this one focused on what role the brain plays in our overeating behaviors. I now understand that because all of our behaviors have a genesis with the chemical in the brain until I can restore mine to its pre-food-obsessed health I am not likely to be successful in my long term weight goals."

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