Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lost Your Job? Now What!

Guest article by Terry Kohl Lost Your Job Now What

Are you out of work due to layoffs, downsizing or being low man on the totem pole?

Maybe you have a job and are frustrated, unfulfilled or putting in time in a dead end position. Perhaps you'd like to succeed in own your own business?  Lost Your Job? Now What! is a book to the rescue! Author Terry Kohl takes what most people see as a depressing, negative situation and shows them how losing a job or switching careers can change their lives for the best. Practical advice and take-action-tools are woven throughout this upbeat book.  Kohl has created a clear, precise roadmap with reassuring rest stops to the perfect next career move after a job loss.
"Each of us sets our own limits in life." ~ Terry Kohl 

 Reviewers are heaping praise upon Kohl’s approach to job and life changes. "Ms. Kohl’s E-book is a thoughtful, well-organized guide to landing the perfect job. Each of the 12 Days of Power outlines ideas and action steps that will turn your dream job into a real possibility. This book will help you clarify the job that best suits your skill set, and help you live a more successful life," said Tim Thalman, senior vice president for Aon Risk Services, Inc., a leading provider of risk management services, insurance and specialty insurance underwriting.

“Proven marketing techniques combined with real-life stories and encouragement creates a book that feels as if it were written just for you,” Dr. Kenneth Thompson, president and senior HRD consultant for Thompson & Associates Consulting, LLC, said. “Although many authors write motivational works, it is rare to read something that makes you feel that it was written just for you. Ms. Kohl makes the reader feel as though you are a personal friend, ready and willing to help during a life-altering crisis. ‘Lost Your Job? Now What!’ will definitely assist many of my clients, and will become a standard reference and resource with Thompson & Associates Consulting, LLC.”
"Some of us go a short way and then stop, because we can’t conceive of more. What if anything was possible? What if you really could have it all?" states Terry.
Terry Kohl is president of Media Management Marketing, a highly respected public relations and promotion firm in the automotive industry. She is a published writer, journalist, and a marketing and career coach. In her book you will discover that your possibilities are endless!

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This book is available on Terry Kohl's website - LostYourJobNowWhat

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