Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chasing Pretty

Chasing Pretty

What a beautiful cover! This is a newly released paranormal romance for young adults. When reading the reviews, there was one that described the story perfectly. I am also including a really juicy excerpt so keep reading...

Review by L. Attrib - Well Worth The Chase

"This was a very pleasant surprise. After a slightly slow start it soon developed into a compelling read. Told from the point of view of 17 year old, high school student Ashlyn her problems at first seem ones to envy - a flawless beauty, a limitless credit card, a smart Lexus to drive to a school where they don't mind she skips endless classes and goes out to lunch on lobster. It seems like material girl heaven.

Unfortunately generous Daddy is so busy working as to be invisible, Mother is a manipulative drunk, her ex-boyfriend and his football team friends are macho louts, her looks make the other girls at school bully her, the school counselor is ineffectual, her private therapist just about keeps her ticking over. Okay, now resist the temptation to shout 'Just sort yourself out, girl!' - she's a teenager and if she doesn't seem to deal with her problems particularly well it's because adolescence is a different world. Chasing Pretty is a novel aimed at young adults and my guess is the character and the story will appeal to droves of them. They'll certainly find enough to entertain them. Especially after new boy Zeus arrives at school to provide a will-they won't-they romantic interest. Zeus comes from a family of hippies and his bohemian mother knows a lot about magic. The accidental conjuring of an ideal boyfriend for Ashlyn is the most underplayed part of the story - everyone oddly takes this miraculous appearance for granted, but then this is the age of Harry Potter.

It doesn't stop at high-school angst, romance and magic though, the latter part of the story develops into a fast-paced thriller that traps Ashlyn in mortal danger. In summary there's something for everyone and though it's a 'Young adult' I suspect anyone young in spirit will find this well-plotted and richly charactered book a hugely entertaining read."

Excerpt of a review by Manchester - Unique and eloquent
I read about a quarter of this before I had to go to work, and I couldn't stop thinking about how the story was going to play out while I was there; needless to say, I got back to reading it as soon as I got home.
Excerpt: (Kindle Location 238-250).
I had already done my base, eyes and cheeks. Now I was using a burgundy pencil to draw two dots at the peaks of my upper lip. Connecting the dots, I tried to be careful not to go outside the natural line but to go to the outermost edge to make them look fuller, plumper. But my concentration shifted away from applying makeup to a knife slicing across my cheeks. A gash deep enough to need stitches. A scar would form, a long awkward jagged looking thing.

Or I could break my nose.

All it would take is a fall down the stairs. No, too risky. Maybe a headbutt to a cement wall, crunching the bone, creating the slightest turn in the bridge, marring the perfection. So when people looked at me, they would actually see me. Not the perfect mask, that covered up who I really was. Did I even know who I was? There's only one way to find out. Once again my imagination turned to knives and blood and scars.

Then I took a deep breath and shut my eyes. I tried to remember the advice Dr. Ingles had given me . Three deep breaths. In. Out. Repeat.

My beauty is a gift not a curse. My beauty is a gift not a curse.

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