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Sylvie's Story: A Timothy O'Mahony Novella

Sylvie's Story

  Sylvie's Story is an adult thriller for a mature audience. 

A short summary to introduce the story - A Timothy O'Mahony novella which details a story of a woman on the run from a dictator in the Congo. Sylvie sells herself to men under a false name to earn enough money to get herself, her mother and sisters out of the Congo. Her luck seems to change when  a wealthy Frenchman offers to take her to France to work there as an escort. All seems to be going well and when Sylvie meets a man who used to know her father, she thinks he will help her.

What has my curiosity brewing here, besides wanting to know if this man will help her is this novella can also be read in conjunction with another of the Timothy O'Mahony novels. It can be read either before, after or during the reading of Green Blood is for France.

Excerpt of review by M. Ferguson about 'Green Blood is For France'  - Absolutely super read - "I could read and reread this book. It is a gripping crime novel set in the politics of modern-day France - with the personalities of the last few years thinly disguised. The author clearly knows France well. The book ranges from the west coast of Ireland to West Africa, but is mainly centered in high circles in Paris (all totally convincing)."

Now this may seem off in a way to show a beer commercial here but it is to give you a feel for what the Congo is like with these "Sapeurs" - The Society of Cool and Elegant People.


Excerpt from Sylvie's Story (Kindle Locations 8 - 9 )

With a motion of her head towards the main door, she reminded him of the presence of the muscular , shaven-headed bouncers, members of the male haute-couture cult of the cloth known in the Congo by its French initials SAPE, which stood for The Society of Cool and Elegant People. They were known as ‘Sapeurs’. They stood near the bar, looking nonchalantly into the wall-length mirrors around the room in which they could keep track of every woman’s and client’s movements in the club.

The Sapeurs ’ whole lives were devoted to finding the money to purchase designer shirts, ties, shoes, tuxedos or any other type of leather or cloth apparel showcased in the chic streets of Paris near the Church of the Madeleine, whatever the expense. They wore Weston lizard-skin shoes, Francesco Smalto suits, Yves Saint Laurent blazers and Christian Dior dress shirts. Their scents came from Jean Paul Gaultier or Lolita Lempicka. Officially, there might be only a couple of dollars a day coming into their hands, but the clothes on their backs were worth several thousand. To be leaders in fashion was their religion. A bad dresser had no more human value to them than one of the dead bodies the Dictator had left to rot after the massacre at the Beach landing.

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