Friday, January 24, 2014

The Natural Blueprint for Sexual Relationships

Sakred Healing

Not only do I have three books I want to highlight - be sure to check out what services offers also. This website is a Sakred Spa Sanctuary!

What we have here is two "How To's" and a novel.  Let's look at the Amanmere book first as it introduces the author's background to us quite well - Master Yao Nyamekye Morris.


For 7 years the author studied with various experts from indigenous cultures in Africa, Brazil, Asia, and North America. These were Shaman, Guru, Okomfo, Medicine Men, Elders, Healers, Mid-wives, Tantra practitioners and others. What emerged was an entire natural system of human sexuality. It presents new options in the Male to Female relationship Dynamic and introduces the Art and Science of Tantra! ...


Unlock the full potential of the Feminine energy! ... Begin a journey toward a more Natural Gender Experience! ... Asleep inside every Woman resides a dormant Goddess. Explore the Feminine Archetypes, Puberty, the Womb Imprint, your Sexual Broadcast, Tantra, and all aspects of the FemaleEnergy...


Epic Sci-Fi Fantasy-A Dark Age of War-Lords, Mutant Beasts, and Cannibal Clones comes to "New Earth", The Sixth Age of Earth. Doom is on the Horizon. One Virgin Girl still has a chance to break the Impasse! ... The Elemental Creatures rally to Help Her. But Evil Sinister Beings are Hell bent to Stop the Creation of the most Powerful Institution the Earth has Ever Known! ... Engage this Amazing Journey! ...

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