Thursday, January 23, 2014

I feel like Doodledipping for Soup!

My students loved going on the adventure with Bob! This is a great read sure to bring a smile to your face! ~ Review by dblosven - Wonderful read


You may have seen the previous posting about the Kindle version of The Adventures of Bob: To Doodledip for Soup. I have the Kindle version and it is wonderful. Now I am buying the paperback because I want my son to be able to hold it in his hands and listen to the free audio download as I feel this is a great bonus.

I remember being a kid and listening to stories on my little record player. I have probably mentioned that in one of my posts but it bears repeating because it is important. Children learn in many ways. They (& us adults) find it fun to listen to the audio alone or along with the story.

The Adventures of Bob

Review by Fishingfool - This has become my favorite gift!
I was lucky enough to find a book signing and bought several signed hardbound copies for gifts and a fund raiser at our little country school. My great nieces and nephews just love this book! And their parents enjoy reading it -- and they tell me it's a much better gift than the drum set I gave the kids last year... It's the favorite book in the 3rd grade library and the kids really enjoy the funny YouTube videos.
The Adventures of Bob: To Doodledip for Soup is available on Amazon.

PS - Be sure to check out the previous posting to learn more about the book and Author Ryan Shea.


Here is the review I left on Amazon (VinyasaB) - Colourful and fun words

I showed this book to my son. He said, "What's that? I want to read it!" He was smiling and really excited just from looking at the first page in. He asked what it was because it was on my Samsung Mega Phone so he didn't recognize it as a book at first - being the three year old that he is.

This is an excellent book for children and adults too. Why? As an adult you will have fun reading the slurping burping words that kids love and being welcomed into the castle. It is beautifully illustrated and you can tell the author poured a lot of heart into this story.

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