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Dying to Love Amanda

Dying to Love Amanda

Guest post by Dolores Clay

Dying to Love Amanda is a chilling tale of jealousy, love, deception and murder, inspired by true events. 

Review by G. Williams ~ Couldn't put it down
Started the book Saturday night and finished reading it Sunday morning! Riveting story - couldn't put it down. The characters in the book were so real. I could imagine the fear "Amanda" was going through. Highly recommend it!!!

Amanda Rivers, and Mike DeWitt, meet one evening at Socrates, a local bar for singles.  They begin dating and within a short time, fall  in love, living together for several years.

Amanda misinterprets Mike’s action as caring and loving and his wanting only the best for her.  After several years, the truth  about the relationship emerges.  Controlling Amanda becomes a game to Mike.  At first Amanda sees his requests to change her hairstyle, clean the house better, change her friends, change her clothes and eventually change her job as Mike having only her best interests at heart.  Mike cares little  about any changes Amanda makes in her life.  His goal is  to control her and see how far he can push her.

After several years, Amanda grows weary of Mike’s control and wants out of their relationship.   She  meets  Ryan Snow who is  genuinely a kind and caring person.  They fall in love and Amanda makes the decision to leave her current relationship.

Mike tells Amanda he knows his behavior is what drove a wedge between them.  Unaware of Ryan, and out of guilt,  Mike wants to help Amanda get settled in a new apartment buying her thousands of dollars worth of furnishings. Amanda protest, but Mike insists on helping her.   When Mike finds out there is someone else in Amanda’s life, he devises a deadly plan that will be the catalyst of destruction and turmoil in the lives of several families touched by his actions.  Jealousy overcomes reason when Snow and DeWitt finally collide.

More problems arise when Kenny Douglas, a drifter, professes his love for Amanda.  Kenny lives in a delusional world and misinterprets Amanda’s kindness for love.  This distortion will become perilous for those caught in his path.

Wedged in the snare of deception and danger is Annette DeAngelo, a local newspaper reporter who is out to make a name for herself. She remembers meeting DeWitt in a local bar.  On one of those evenings he tells Annette he  has a new girl friend named Amanda  and is deeply in love with her.  He wants Annette to meet Amanda and promises to call her to set something up. Annette gives Mike her business card with her work phone number on it and  promises to call her.  Mike never set’s-up that meeting.  Instead he calls  Annette’s  at work, placing her life in danger.

In the end, two people will be murdered, one will commit suicide and one will narrowly escape the hands of a killer.

On a quiet September evening in Akron, Ohio, the chaos will begin. 

Review by E. Woodford ~ Dying to Love Amanda

First of all: I couldn't put it down. I knew more than one person was going to die and I couldn't figure out who or how. I thought I knew, but I never expected what happened next. Even though this was based on a true story, in my town; I don't recall ever hearing about it. I thought it was well written and I loved the author's Italian character, Annette. She made me laugh. I even wish she had been a little more outrageous. I think that would have added even more fun to a very sad story. It's hard to say the book was "great" when so many people were hurt by it, but it really was. I can't wait for another story from "Annette"!! I loved her!

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