Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lola's Prayer Cocktail

Lola's Prayer Cocktail

“Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.” 
~ Carol Saline 

The best way I can introduce this book is by giving you a glimpse into chapter one. I love quotes and stories and this book is real easy to get into.

Excerpt: Chapter 1 

What Do You Really Want? (Then ask!)

Dear Sister,

Not long ago my husband and I moved to California, leaving behind his family and two relatively well paying jobs. Whoop! Whoop! No, it was not for fortune and fame! When we got to California we felt freer than we had in a while, but reality soon set in. After 10-12 job interviews my husband was still no closer to the ideal job, which went along with the California fantasy. I had left behind the perfect school district and many friends in order to move to California, and although at least most of my family was now in California with me, I felt like I had literally let go of the countless years in school, boot-camp student-teaching and other career hurdles, when I left my dream job. But, I had to listen to my spirit, which was easy to do at that time, because I had practiced hearing from God. I knew what questions to ask, and how to decipher my own thoughts from His voice. A part of having a conversation with God is asking yourself beforehand what it is that you really want from Him.

 “One cannot be prepared for something while secretly believing it will not happen.” ~Nelson Mandela 

One cannot ask for something while secretly believing God is not able. Let me set the scene: You are a princess in a vast kingdom. Your father is a very well-respected and fair ruler of this vast kingdom…

Absolutely great! Lola's Prayer Cocktail has everything that I have been looking for and beyond. Though I can definitely say I could relate and connect to almost all of the material, the section that really stood out to me was Chapter 3: "Baggage- Get Rid of it!" I think sometimes it's easy to forget that mistakes can be learned from and that focusing on the future, instead of dwelling on the past, should always be practiced no matter what.
~ Review by  Jane L. - Insightful and enjoyable to read

Author and (vlogger) Y. L. Mitchell is a graduate of Purdue University with her degree in Secondary English Education. When she, and her husband, moved from the windy city of Chicago to Sunny California she took the opportunity to follow one of her other purposes in life, sharing her testimony, while encouraging women to seize the life that God has planned for them.

She loves to hear form her readers on her new and updated blog  - as well as on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter @Ladylomitch. She also has two dogs one named Kiki and the other Staci.

 Lola's Prayer Cocktail is available on Amazon

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