Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yes! You do know who you want to marry!

In the video below, Alan Cohen talks about the “Guru in You”.

He states, “I would say that there is something inside you and everyone that knows:

who to...

…and any question you can ask me and anyone who is a self-help teacher; if you sat with it long enough you could get the answer yourself.” Alan explains the two types of guru’s with a neat little story… and more!


Right now, I have two books by Alan Cohen on the go. I also listen to him on his radio show called Get Real on Hay House Radio. When I was a teenager I pestered my parents about being in the middle of reading five books at a time (and they still do) and low and behold, guess who is just like that too? I have been that way for many years actually and I understand the behaviour. I chalk it up to being a mix of ADD and having varied interests all at the same time.

Who am I in the mood for today?  Alan Cohen 

   His next show on Hay House Radio is tomorrow - Feb 13, 2014.
Description:  Finding True Love
Are you in love? Would you like to be?
 Alan shines light on the meaning and importance of rising in love rather than falling in love —first with yourself, and then drawing to you partnerships of all kinds that ennoble you and make your life better.
Live coaching on relationships.


Note: You can listen for about a week to the show for free. After that if you wish to hear archived shows you can sign up for the membership.

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