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The Calypsis Project

The Calypsis Project

Sometimes a review is the best way to introduce what a book is about! The Calypsis Project by Brittany M. Willows is a science fiction novel. What a powerful cover and it's scaring me. Reminds me of Star Wars a bit actually with the glowing wands.

Review by KathleenSci-fi novel  - What most impressed me about this book was Willows attention to detail, allowing me to see the book clearly in my head while reading.

The Calypsis Project is a sci-fi novel set in the distant future during a war. The story is told from two view points, that of the aliens and that of the humans, giving the reader a chance to empathize with both sides of the war instead of just one. Although there are many characters in this book, you understand and relate to Kenon the most through the story, an alien who was shamed on his home planet and is looking to redeem himself. My favorite character was Alana, as I like books that have strong heroines.

This book is titled as the first, so I assume there will be more to come, and I'm excited to continue the story. Some scenes in this book were graphic, as the book does follow soldiers into battle, but not so much that it is disturbing; rather, Willows shows us that war is harsh, and finding a way to end a war is always preferred. An entertaining read with lots of action.


Brittany M. Willows
Meet the Author! Brittany M. Willows is an author, digital artist, and avid gamer living in Ontario, Canada with her mother and sister.

She has been creating fictional works for over a decade, developing three major headworlds in that time with many smaller ones alongside them.

Brittany has recently completed her first novel, The Calypsis Project, which is the first book in an exciting science fiction trilogy.

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Chapter ——— ONE———
1800 Hours, November 02, 2438 (Earth Calendar) /
Phoenix System, planet Dyre, Ceida State, Council

Building Pulled from the quiet of his home in the early hours of the morning, the young Drahkori graduate Kenon Valinquint had been blindfolded and hustled into a prison cell beneath the old Council Building. Now he walked through the arched stone halls with his hands cuffed behind his back— and under the escort of a pair of council guards, no less!

He could think of no reason for his arrest, and the more he agonized over it, the more it gnawed at him . Even his parents had failed to give him an answer when he’d demanded an explanation. Of course, he should have expected as much— more so from his father than his overly-timid mother.

All Kenon knew was that today was supposed to be the day of his Coming of Age ceremony, where he would have dropped his graduate title and become a full-fledged warrior of Ceida State.

But never in the history of my kind has one had to attend his own Coming of Age ceremony in cuffs, he thought bitterly.

The doors at the end of the hall swung open, allowing the sharp golden rays of sunlight to shine in. After sitting in the dark for hours, the sudden brightness nearly blinded Kenon, and he squinted to shut it out.

Willows, Brittany M.. The Calypsis Project (pp. 13-14).  Kindle Edition.

The Calypsis Project  is Available on Amazon! Great reviews!!! Link for Canada here.

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