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More Than Friends


More Than Friends is an adult book for a mature audience.

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Book Description: Tired of moping around after the breakup of his long term girlfriend, Ryan knew he needed a hookup to get him out of his funk. When he met Drea, he hoped she might be the one. But when he felt more chemistry with her gay cousin Zach, Ryan was more confused than he had ever been in his life. He wasn't gay but he wanted to be with Zach. How could it possibly work?

Tell me that isn’t an interesting description? As a straight married female, I am interested in this story because I have seen how sexuality is changeable. It is fascinating to tell the truth. Many people commented that this story was too short. It is Book #1 in this series. The continuing story is available - Drunk in Love

Excerpt of Chapter One~(Kindle Locations 15-41)

After being in a relationship for the past four years, Ryan Edwards didn’t know how to be a single adult . He had gotten together with Brooke when they were both seniors at Jefferson High and after three years of trying to juggle a long distance relationship, school and work, it just didn’t work out.

She wanted him to drive up to visit her every weekend and he just couldn’t justify the time or gas money to make the trip. He loved her ... like a sister. But, he just wasn’t in love with her the way he thought he should be. So, when she started bitching about her needs and his lack of motivation to be with her , he didn’t argue . He agreed that she deserved better and let her go.

Four weeks later, Ryan was still moping around his apartment, waiting for Ms. Right to come knocking on his door. But he was pretty sure that she wasn’t going to be delivering pizzas or his mail anytime soon so when his boss invited him to have a beer after work one night, he couldn’t think of a decent reason not to.

“Dude, you need to get out of this funk. You’re twenty-one and single. These are the best years of your life. Go out and sow your oats. You shouldn’t be tied down to a girl right now anyway. You should be doing a different girl every night. God knows I was when I was your age,” Paul said.

“Yeah, and you were my age... what, five years ago?” Ryan said with a smirk.

“Five years that feels like fifteen. Once you settle down and start talking about rings and babies, everything is different. Allie just moved in and she is already hinting about a wedding. You don’t know how lucky you are to have choices. You can literally choose any person in this bar and just have a one night stand if you want to. Hell, you can choose five chicks in this bar if you want to.”

Ryan wasn’t much of a player but the idea of having choices was appealing. He’d never given much thought to what he really wanted in a girlfriend before. When he was with Brooke, he was content. But if he had to come up with a list of what he was attracted to, there were just a few things that were non-negotiable. Good sense of humor was definitely at the top of his list. He felt like he hadn’t laughed in months and really missed it. He had a few friends that could always make him laugh and he needed that in a partner. An easy going personality was also pretty high up there. He wanted to be able to have fun whether he was eating breakfast or watching TV.

Brooke was self-centered and cared too much about what other people thought of her to ever really relax . She wore five inch heels to baseball games, for God’s sake. He would definitely be more picky with his next girlfriend.

“You’re right. I should just walk up to that table of women and ask if they’d all like to come back to my apartment. I bet they’d totally dig that. Or, better yet, I’ll just strip and lay across their table and tell them to sample the goods.”

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A good quick read.~ Review by M. Arce
I liked this story. A quick read, but I wonder how Ryan is going to handle his buddy Paul (who cheats on his girlfriend and doesn't come off as a sensitive guy) when he reveals his new relationship status. I love HEA stories, so, though this isn't what I usually read (I've only read a few gay romances. But, then, love IS love, right?) I felt that Ryan and Zach have a good start to that.

Visit the Author’s website for more details. Lots of books to choose from!!!
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