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Want to spend 10 days in Panama?


10 Days in Panama

Now I know what you are thinking…you want to go and spend 10 days in Panama. Well you still can! However, how about try it on first with this novel by Tom Benson. “The book was enjoyed in our village by just about every English speaker resident and it was the cause of much speculating as to who the characters were based on. The setting is truly that of the village where I live, and the characters are based on a combination of many of our residents. The rest is strictly the work of Mr. Benson's extensive imagination and writing skills.” ~ Carmen

Delve into a romantic adventure as an investigative journalist by the name of Pete, invites a marine biologist (Gloria) on a thrilling assignment to the Pacific Coast of Panama. Sparks fly when they meet, he has to face his fears of the open water and she thinks she is in control of her life. To add to the mix, they have a common adversary who is trying to kill both of them.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

(Kindle Locations 155-182)

Pete Harris was one of three men in a four-metre, Gemini semi-rigid launch. He was dressed like the others in a one-piece wet-weather suit, which was worn over the appropriate heavy warm clothing. Over the wetsuits, they wore lifejackets, which in Pete’s mind, was their most important accessory.

He had tried a standing position, but couldn’t bear it, so knelt down. He shouted to his companions. “I suppose you two have suction cups on your boots and a heating system inside your wetsuits.”

They both laughed at his dark humour. That was good for his credibility. The intrepid journalist gripped the safety rope tight with the numb fingers of his left hand. He raised his Nikon Digital SLR with his right hand , caught the Russian tanker in the rangefinder and pressed the shutter release. It wouldn’t be his most professional frames, but he clicked rapidly to take in as much information as possible.

Even kneeling, Pete felt nauseous , slipping back and forward, but he held on and gritted his teeth. He had to fight all outside influences and inner demons to get this done. It occurred to him that there was no steady horizon, which reminded him that he was 150 miles from land. Rolling up and down on large waves in such a tiny craft was beyond even his descriptive powers. He felt sick.

He spoke, using a throat mike and headset combination. “Photographing the Spartan 4 as it sheds pollutants into the sea. Location is now between Iceland and the Faroe Islands.”

The headset was attached to a Sony Digital Voice Recorder. It already held information concerning the trawler’s sister vessels which were operating nearby.

A slight change in the wave pattern combined with a lack of feeling in his body, caused Pete to slip forward , and his face touched the icy water. Instinctively, he held onto his camera as he felt strong arms hold his legs and keep him in the boat. His heart skipped several beats as he was dragged back to safety. Pete’s mind was not in a good place.

When he turned to get onto his knees again, he found Kurt, the larger of the two Greenearth men grinning down at him. Pete gulped in air. “Thanks.” Kurt said: “We haven’t lost anybody yet, mate.”

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Pleasant relaxing reading ~ Review by Guido L.

“Sometimes you just want to read for pleasure and relaxation. This is the right book to do so: exciting and romantic and all in a very beautifully described tropical setting. Makes you feel like you want to be there yourself.”

Author, Tom Benson, has many other books available & if you are an author yourself, be sure to check out his blog.

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