Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What Matters Most



What Matters Most is an adult book for a mature audience.

Interracial romance still seems to be a hot topic to some however, I am in agreement with the author Reana Malori. From her author page on Amazon:

Reana Maloir


Come join me as I explore my inner thoughts and create a world where anything is possible.

My focus is interracial romance and I firmly believe that LOVE in all its forms should be celebrated. While I have dreams of world domination, I'm willing to settle for being one of the best interracial romance erotica writers on the market. My goal is to weave a story that pulls the reader into my world and share in my universe, even if only for a short time.



Book Description: Major Evan Knight was a battle-hardened man who had always put the Marine Corps before his own needs. Sierra Walker, a single mother raising a nine-year old son, wanted more from life than what was in front of her. A school project for her son would bring Major Knight into their lives and give them all something they never knew they needed...each other.

Review by L. Jones ~ Sweet Romance with Sexiness Included

This is definitely a book to be enjoyed when you simply need a good love story with some hot sexy times included, but where the "sexy times" don't overtake the entire story.

Reana Malori stated above that her goal is to pull a reader into her world and she does just that. Take a look!

Excerpt ~ Chapter One (Kindle Locations 45-69)


Dear Major Knight, I’m glad you liked the picture I sent. My mom said she wanted to frame it, but I told her that you needed it more to help you smile. I can draw her one later. I tried to look for you on the television when they talk about the war, but my mom won’t let me watch the news anymore because she says it makes me upset. It doesn’t, but she’s just a girl and doesn’t understand how tough boys are.

Your email said how busy things were and how excited you were to come home in a few months. Are you still busy? Do you have time to play games or anything when you’re not working? My mom signed me up for baseball again this year. I’m not very good, but she says it will help me build character. Whatever that is. My mom said she’ll send you the dates of my games. Promise you’ll come see me play, okay? Okay, I have to go now.


Your friend, Dusty Walker


Dear Dusty,

Hey there buddy. The picture you sent is displayed proudly on my wall. All the guys say you must be a junior Picasso. I’m staying very busy keeping all my Marines out of trouble and sometimes I get to play games, but I prefer reading a good book instead.

Don’t worry about watching the news. Sometimes the things they talk about aren’t very good, so I can understand why your mother wouldn’t want you to watch that stuff. Baseball is a great sport and I played all through school and college until I joined the Marines. While I can’t make any promises, I’ll do my best to come and see one of your games.

All right, I’m going to go now. I hope you’re keeping up good grades in school and being good for your mother. See ya, buddy.

Your friend, Major Evan Knight

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