Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Flight MH370: What happened on that fateful day?


Flight MH370

Flight MH370: The Missing Plane by Laszlo Giricz is a fictionalized story surrounding the recent loss of Flight MH370. What could have happened that fateful day?

I like the way the author Laszlo Giricz begins the book with compelling chapters. My favorite is ‘Dead Men Do Talk’. And…before it begins he expresses, “My heart goes out to all those souls affected by flight MH370...”

Excerpt from Chapter 1: What Could Go Wrong?

(Kindle Location 37 - 45).

The curtain was moving from the wind of the open window in beautiful harmony with the slow dance of her stunning body. The sun was just starting to rise and welcome a new day. Her shallow breathing, often interrupted by happy giggles, explained the mess the room was in. Clearly nobody had slept last night. Her flowing brown hair was so long, it caressed his face while she was turning her head from one side to the other. He laughed and pulled her closer. His strong hands held her head while his hazel eyes stared at her, “Time has no meaning when I look into your gorgeous blue eyes, Jessica. I do not know if we have been here for minutes or weeks. All I know is that I do not want this to end.” She laughed and stopped moving. Her lips covered his face in loving kisses while she whispered, “Time is just an illusion.” Both were laughing as he turned her on her back, just as the alarm on his iPhone interrupted their passionate play. “For goodness sake,” he said. Jessica picked the iPhone up and was about to toss it against the wall as he grabbed her hand in the last moment.

Flight MH370: The Missing Plane is Available on Amazon!

Laszlo Giricz

I found a very interesting blog posting about Laszlo Giricz debut novel – Trapped on Amazon. It also included background information about the author himself. He is a Pilot. That fact alone, to me, adds credibility to his most recent novel Flight MH370: The Missing Plane. Plus, I like the way he writes. Very smooth…

Something compelled me to do another search to find out more about this author because I love looking behind the scenes and I am so happy I did. He is also a Life coach and has amazing helpful videos on his YouTube Channel - Katharos Life Coaching

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