Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Journey Into Pure Consciousness


Amazing cover ...the story will continue. Here is a blurb Marquis wrote:

The main character, Alan, discovered a way to Journey beyond his body and explore what is known as the astral dimension; a place filled with soul devouring demons, prisons that capture lost spirits and even cities made entirely out of water.

The journey changed Alan forever. He nearly lost himself in the astral dimension, and swore never to return… until now! Years later, after his initial adventure, Alan has been called back. For reasons unknown, his body is stuck in a coma. The only explanation available is a series of journals; Alan’s chronicles beyond the body.

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"I love how this book takes you on a journey and challenges you to not only see our world differently but to also see beyond it. I feel the author did a great job of keeping a constant flow that encourages the reader to continue on while offering material that keeps it fresh and alive. Though this book is fiction it does offer a lot to those seeking information about O.B.E. like myself. Its not to caught up in trying to define what O.B.E. is but rather gives you a look at what it can do for you if you decide to embark upon a journey of your own." ~ Review by Blacktastick ~ Very Nicely Done

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