Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Silken Laumann & Crystal Andrus Part Two

You can still listen to the call (replay) and get in on a chance to win some amazing prizes.
Draws for the winners this Friday! GO HERE!

As an Ambassador for Crystal Andrus, I am excited to share my thoughts about the interview between two smart, beautiful women. Crystal Andrus and Silken Laumann.

Just so you know...
I have read Silken Laumann’s book “Unsinkable” and it is FABULOUS!
This is an excerpt of the media blast leading up to the call:

Standing on the Olympic Podium is a woman with a story to tell. Secrets. Dark memories. Scary places. Anorexia, Abuse. Rage and fear.  Her remarkable story is also about resiliency, emotional honesty, forgiveness and love….

Who knew that when 4x Olympic Rower, Silken Laumann, brought home the gold medal for Canada, she was plagued with the pain of her past, the trauma of her childhood, and a story that needed to be told.

Join founder of The S.W.A.T. Institute, Crystal Andrus, as she interviews Silken Laumann, in one of the most intimate, honest interviews Silken has ever given.


When the call started the first thing I heard Crystal Andrus speak of that I wrote down was this - "When I speak authentically, my audience hears me." She is right. I listen and learn when I hear both her and Silken speak. And...I listen to what they write as well.

If you are unfamiliar with Silken Laumann's story, she is an Olympic Rower who was in a debilitating accident 10 days before she was to compete in the Olympics. On the call she spoke about how, as an athlete, she already knew how to use visualization to her advantage. In those important days following the accident, she asked her body to heal itself. She used visualization, refused to take pain killers and only allowed positive people around her. No naysayers allowed.

Silken also worked out with bungee cords in bed to keep her upper body in shape as well as her good leg. Turns out it was later shown scientifically that her hurt leg benefited from the work out she gave her healthy leg.

Silken Laumann's advice to us is this:
  • Send love to your body. It affects you on a cellular level.
  • Get outside and play!
  • Have hope.
Of course there is much more...but you will have to go get her book to find out. http://www.silkenlaumann.com/

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