Sunday, June 1, 2014

Very unusual alternate reality


SPECTACTULAR!! ~ Review by spencer

“I enjoyed getting into the mind and life of the character. Great literary conception! Would recommend this book to anyone who wants something different!!”

Book Description:

Almost everything that happens during sleep— including most of our dreams, the thoughts we have throughout the night and memories of brief awakenings—is forgotten by morning.

For Greg Mallet, 28, it's quite the opposite. Greg was unexpectedly awakened after three years in an accident-related coma. Greg doesn't remember who he is, nor does he recall his life before the accident. All that he remembers is the abstract dream life he lived while in the coma, which provided him with a very unusual alternate reality.

Along comes Shannon Brewster, a lonely, mildly depressed, young female psychiatrist with self-esteem issues; a non-existent social life and her stressful job as a psychiatrist in the mental health unit of a hospital in Portland, Oregon have taken a toll on her psyche. Shannon takes a strong interest in Greg and his rehabilitation.

Can their unlikely bond free them both from the misery of their minds?

From beginning to end, "An Abysmal Sleepcation" takes the reader on a thrilling, suspenseful, humorous, and odd journey of self-discovery, and teaches a lesson in taking chances and following one's heart.

Read Paul Tannen's improvised, highly-anticipated concept novel that has been described as "gripping" and "impossible to put down." "An Abysmal Sleepcation" is a book that you will surely never forget.
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